Howdy, I am currently a PhD student in geology at the University of Wyoming working with Ye Zhang. As of now I am collaborating with Los Alamos National Laboratory under Philip H. Stauffer to study carbon geological storage in line with the Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership and the US-China Clean Energy Research Center.

Professionally I am interested in both engineering and geology. I seek to be someone who can communicate to both engineers and scientists. Most of my industry and research work so far has involved 3D modeling of subsurface petroleum/aquifer/carbon storage reservoir problems and I am looking to bring as much understanding of the rocks to my modeling effort as possible. That said, I hope to gain more field experience and develop novel methods in reservoir characterization/modeling by the end of my program.


November 2016
My mentor Philip Stauffer at LANL will be presenting at the 13th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference on a paper we submitted (which can be found here) in Switzerland.

August 2016
I will be presenting my research at the 16th LANL Annual Student Symposium at the University of New Mexico, Los Alamos.

June 2016
I would like to acknowledge Chevron, Albert E. Bradbury Family and the University of Wyoming Academic Affairs Office for their generous funding support which has eased the financial burdens of relocating to Los Alamos and helped me focus on putting together my research presentation for the Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Conference in Virginia this June.

Reservoir modeling & simulation in support of CO2 geological storage in deep saline aquifers

May 2016
I will work at Los Alamos National Laboratory for the summer 2016 and learn the Finite Element Heat and Mass Transfer Code (FEHM) for CO2 plume dynamics simulation in comparison with industry-standard Eclipse simulator.

March 2016
Abstract to DOE Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) conference in Virginia has been accepted. I will present a poster titled “Geological Modeling and Reservoir Simulation supporting CO2 storage in a Deep Saline Formation, Shengbei Injection Site, Ordos Basin, China”

September 2015
Visa to China was approved. I will be in Wuhan, China for 3 months working on a Carbon Capture & Storage project with funding from the US-China Clean Energy Research Center.

March 2015
I just got accepted to the PhD program in geology at the University of Wyoming. Yay!! Time to move to Laramie, Wyoming.

August 2014
I defended my MS thesis “Simulation and Scale-up Studies of Reservoir-analog Models from Miocene Carbonate Outcrops in Southeast Spain” and officially graduated! You can download my thesis here.

May 2014
I started working at Kansas Geological Survey and will be doing modeling work on the DOE-funded South-central Kansas CO2 project.

March 2014
I presented at the Kansas Interdisciplinary Carbonates Consortium annual meeting in Lawrence, Kansas. The title was “A Reservoir-Analog Study of Scale Up Processes for Facies Distributions and Connected Volumes.” You can download the abstract here.


December 2012
My advisors and I presented at the ExxonMobil Fundamental Controls on Flow in Carbonates (FC)2 Alliance annual meeting in Houston, Texas. The talk title was “La Molata Model Simulation – Impact of Heterogeneous Carbonates on Flow Behavior and Oil Production.” (FC)2 is an industry-academic consortium led by ExxonMobil with its chief goal being to investigate carbonate systems as subsurface reservoirs and how to recover more hydrocarbon from such carbonate reservoirs.