Apart from my daily work, I enjoy various volunteering and extracurricular activities as they help me feel alive and stay part of the community I am in.

Video 1: I am originally from Vietnam and this is a folktale that I was told from my childhood, which is a topic for a Toastmasters speech that I gave.

Video 2: This is my video submission for the Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration (2017) program in Birmingham, AL in partnership with the US Department of Energy. It was filmed in the Snowy Range mountains west of Laramie, WY.

Toastmasters (2)
Gini (left) and Dana (right) presented me with the 2nd place trophy of Toastmasters Division Level International Speech Contest in Gillette, WY
Toastmasters Speech Evaluation Area Level Contest in Hillsdale, WY (From left to right: David, me, John, Rebecca, and Will)
Volunteering for the 42nd Los Alamos Triathlon, Los Alamos, NM
Susan Mavrich (right) handing me the 1st Place Award for Laramie Morning Toastmasters Speech Competition, Laramie, WY
Kansas Park Clean Up
Kansas Earth Day Park Clean Up, Lawrence, KS
Future City Competition
Future City Competition, Lawrence, KS